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and the schedule of medical and surgical allowances.

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palate preventing the edges of the fissure properly approximating

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in this golden era of surgery, that we cannot forecast

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seen it can never forget the horrible aspect of these sores,

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winter. Light-blue trench coats may be w^orn in suitable

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sir," or " Oui, sir." to everything said to him. He

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tiseptic, an antithermic, or intestinal antiseptic, but seems

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The pain of a typical attack does not seem to radiate so

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starving his babies by giving them farina the first few weeks of their lives.

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them the name of a morbid entity. In his opinion there was no such thing

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the weight and size of the stomach. Professor Kohler, of

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eugenic, humanitarian, and moral standpoints its ad-

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pared with 70,722 in 1901 and 70,872 in 1900. The deathrate in the

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complained that her voice would be brilliant for a night, but that

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sclerosed. The other valves Avere normal. The weight of

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the spine, sea-bathing, elastic bands, the recumbent

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vent the twisting of the vessel beyond a certain point ;

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subsequent discharge resembled tow steeped in pus, as in anthrax

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etc., it is not permissible to imitate any of its features, and he granted a perpetual injunc-

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patient recovered and was discharged May ist, very much

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necrosis, the operation checking the process short of

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to fix the order of events in so few as eighty-three fleas, and it may be

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Nutrition.— The fungi, being unprovided with chlorophyl, cannot

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loss over a period of weeks or months, he may have a

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riceau, Smellie, Baudeloque, Denman, Hamilton, Burns, and

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sinus, and steadied by the left forefinger inserted into the rectum, while a