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incurable malady or a trivial occurrence of nospecial sig-

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which were protected by a fixed wire-guard, so that they could

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confess that the best post graduate course it has ever been my privilege

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bined. With children it is apt to be very violent, yet one-

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whereas that which he examined contained only spores,

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pleteness with which it was sheUed out there was. he thought.

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E. S. McClellan, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Botany.

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divided into its branches. Each branch — the palpebral, the nasal,

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In proper dilution, Listervne may be freely and continuously used

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The differing influences of the ducts and bladder upon the bile

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keep will soon lay his coat smooth, without either the

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Dermatological Society of Great Britain, &c. Transactions of. Vol. 3.

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on increasing (but never occurring more than once during the 24

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meteorism. A complicating meningitis may occur in either affection, but

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discoveries of modern science. M. Bouillaud had shown that aphasia generally

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present in but small numbers, or even entirely absent in the peri-

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face, which has been present to a greater or less ex-

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of the febrile symptoms in cases of sporadic or epidemic

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the- death of Dr. J. H. Steel of Saratoga, a permanent member

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