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in this way : Seeing his fellow workman falling, he threw him-
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jurious effects of breathing a foul atmosphere, and its
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muth (6), analysing the cases in the German literature
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carried on towards the terminal branches and capillaries, where
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he believes, a diastolic murmur heard in the dilated heart of children which
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Bulstrode's deeply lamented death has made such succession impossible,
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ones in my experience, small inhalations of ether given from
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says Dr. Parkes, " that there is no one who has seen much of
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haemorrhages. The sloughy, bleeding surface Avas four^inches
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how many malaria mosquitoes we have, there is nobody
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failed to control the seizures. I can, perhaps, give you no more con-
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large quantity of fhiid in the chest, and this he has attempted
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ner had the whole surface of the cuticle removed by degrees,
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his experience the variations of temperature are in pyaemia always much
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was in the fact that the parts which were formerly sup-
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^Zl!^°'^ ft^",^- ^1 irarnediate cause of his death was
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lost hy allowing him a few days, in which a mild purge
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out that mallein must not be regarded as a typical reagent
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deht of gratitude to the accomplished author will he
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the hospital, until 1861, when he resigned and was ap-
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1. Cases in which the appendages are the seat of such disease as would
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from eye-strain is not uncommon in children. Dr. de
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9. In acute articular rheumatism, the joint is affected