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life. It occurs in cellular tissue and on serous sur-

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[ Th| patient, "v ^ i hotio hintory follown , I hacl^

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lar bodies. Small perforation into trachea in the median line.

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John W. Devlne, in Tazewell, Tenn., July 28, aged 66. He was aa

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which showed practically no reaction to subcutaneous injection, reacted

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became diseased or necrotic, forming sinuses that kept dis-

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years 1880-94, are offered as testimony to the value

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meditated design to effect the death of any individ-

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The result exceeded my anticipation, for hardly had the child taken two

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of oar dairy milk and a gradual revival of the dairy

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the extract within four hours. The muscles of the lower jaw

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symptoms, prognosis, and treatment it is with a tuber-

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certain epidemics it has seemed probable that the source of infection

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cost of the nation instead of the parent. We have been led,

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much precious time having been already lost to its treatment.

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brought about by a drop of acid ; but as yet the fact has no parti-

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suggestive of extrinsic extension into the soft tissues of the neck, the

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In extreme cases the wife is made to be examined to prove her virginity.

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cinoma. A week later I performed vaginal hysterectomy,

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Hawick considers that it "is primarily a congestion of the

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Rev. de med. v cirug. prAet., Madrid, 1886, xviii, 113-133.

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distorbance of varioas parts of the organism — in other words, of a second-

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