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mild, owing to high resistance. Among such diseases

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pelvic disease, after other methods of exploration had

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would rather be to twist the head of the bone downward and backward,

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is increased by any cause which accelerates the flow of blood through

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strangeness, a sense of un familiarity — it may be with a place in which

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by thyrotomy. The epithelioma grew from the right vocal cord, and

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appropriate general tonic treatment with iron, arsenic,

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lected. Because so many individuals must be treated by

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and outer surfaces. In some cases of polypi of the mid-

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Mucormycosis of the Lungs. — Several cases are on record. The patients

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temptations to keep them in daily touch with their affairs. Tele-

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spasticity relaxes that a portion of the bismuth is expelled. The

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most marked symptoms, such as carbuncles or eruption of boils, which at

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manjr cases it never occurs ; in many it is slight, and shows itaelf only

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sub-serous myoma. A large amount of haemorrhage from

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scriptions, to the precision with which doses were meas-

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Ascending in the animal scale, fibrin and albumen are super-

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ness ; and let it be observed that, in law and physic alike, it is

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that almost all the cases of yellow fever occurring among females were ac-

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had improved greatly, and under the application of caustic the slight fist-

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extravagant statements, and superficialities. How could it be other-

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be inferred, for no two of the men lived on the same kind of food ; all that can be

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nothing in body. The pains in the back are a dull, diffused ache, or an

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settler in other parts of the Muskoka district as yet unfrequented

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sclerse were a little yellowish and the skin dry and of