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but changed in such a w^y as to indicate dissolution of

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to determine Avitli positiveness, in cases of functional disorder, that structural

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epidermis. In the latter stages of the disease it may be

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antrum into the nose, through which the parts freely drain and are

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pool ; Dr. Popham, Dr. Day, of Stafford ; Dr. R. Byramjee,

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Physical Signs, — The chest is fixed at nearly full inspira-

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John Davis was elected President ; Mr. Barron, Dr. Evans,

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lingwood, who was Provost Marshal. Capt. C. accompanied me to

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which interferes both mechanically and by being associated with myo-

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ful causes and their pernicious consequences, or from perusing

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below the patella, and the patella removed. The condyles of the femur were sawed off

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invaluable as a check-up in the treatment of fractures. I believe

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great reverence for either the surgeons or apothecaries of his day,

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» Vogel, C: Arch. Int. Med., 1913, 12, 707. Krumbhaar, E. B.: Jour. Lab.

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borough of King's Lynn, Norfolk. Aug. 31, 1>^92.

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missionaries, district visitors, and every kind of functionary,

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cases (five of X. planum palpebrarum, four of X. tuberosum, and four

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Case XXIV. — Mary D., aged thirty-six, bom in Ireland, medium height ;

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the superior and inferior cerebral arteries, which supply the basal ganglia

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thinning from prcssure of the superimposed fat. In many cases, atro-

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Fahr. The difference in heat represented by these few

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and the hemorrhage may be so abundant as to cause blindness. There

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Ijittle wonder, if matters are in half as foul a condi-

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