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While generalised tuberculosis, by reason of its carriage in the

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The last specimen of sputum obtainable still contained a few

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and Obst. Jour., Dec, 1901). Impaired general health

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ation, although such cases have been reported, and if a longer

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of fixation, save, perhaps, at the extreme outer part. The diplopia is

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geons to perform such operation for the prevention of pro-

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be sterilized, either b}' the use of a sterilizer or by boiling.

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This is a large volume of over one hundred and fifty

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vation, chronic diseases, certain poisons, etc. ; chlorosis is induced by

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tural dimensions of the pelvic canal are abridged, the

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Unfortunately the animals did not survive the operation a sufficient

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to determine the dose. On this subject we have the follow-

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often accompany oedema of that organ. A local traumatism is quite

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the movement of the costal margins expresses accurately the balance

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able falling off during the past few years, according to

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Resohed, That justice demands that the faculty of the North-

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squally S.W. winds, and frequent rain came to prevail along the

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Tuberculous lesions of the dura are usually produced by extension from

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pathic school and the use of the distinctive title, namely,

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Arrangements have been completed to inspect all laboratories manufactur-

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because physicians have not acquired accurate knowledge of the

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the part or parts is more or less marked at the decline of the local affec-