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on after extensive loss of blood, even transfusion may be necessaiy.

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look like presumption to say, that, in such cases, the mischief

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and, as he believes, may be self-developed, but, however

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in possession of similar facts, to record them, and thus to aid in

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more exact goodness, that sense of God, 1 which the

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omy, Physiology, and other collateral branches of Medicine ; Dental and Obstetrical In-

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lent material for grafting. Small pieces about an inch square, very thin, in

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uses a so-called force plate. There are several devices of this

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tion of cause and effect. And when I have seen in scores of instances

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their abnormality, etiology, and treatment. Dental Cos-

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ing Committee " for having introduced liquor privately."

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in.sufficiency; there was, however, no atheromatous, calcareous or other

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and disappear, after having awakened the germ to its wonderful

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the muscles of the forearms and hands displayed the full development of

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the pyloric portion ; it touches the lower surface of the liver.

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anatomically, and hence showing different manifestations when in-

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‚ÄĘZksseb: Joum. Emperimenial Medicine, 1912, No. 16, 629. (Quoted by Wells.)

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cases he has found recorded of aneurysm of the coronary arteries.

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* * Beneath their banks while rippling streamlets creep,

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countries, as a general rule, it occurs only in limited localities.

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chemical decomposition in the interior of the body. Alcohol may be found