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trigeminal nerve, the afferent part of the reflex arc under
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ical Staff Council.” The trustees approved the recom-
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Reference has been made, thus far, to a mitral murmur only as evidence
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sufficient to paralyze the heart completely and cause the death
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was in the ward of the hospital ten ^'ears ago for se\'eral weeks.
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before the patient gets any relief from the irritation. This
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A yellowish green color is produced on the glass surface, forming a
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and destroy pathogenic organisms as they enter the tissues.
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in New York City every year. When it was originally
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in the diluting tube was 75; 0.1 c.c. of blood was employed. Then
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bones, recorded by Dr. Paull, of London — There is a state of the osseous system, correctly
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It was surely never the intention of the Legislature to
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tered in the course of a fever : the change begins in the left ventricle, and
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powerful shock, a sudden abstraction of heat from the sur-
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Her history is .somewhat meager. She has had four children,
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almost always associated with a stony induration of part or all of the prostate.
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ruary 17 his sight began to fail and he stopped drinking. On
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region of the trapezius muscle. The wound and neck to be enveloped in
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and the electro-motive force, is strongest and at the same time is capable of the greatest
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dangerous from whatever locality it may come or from what-
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air, and quite another to treat as of this class wounds to which the air
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you can eliminate heredity, house infection and contagion from
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case of flap extraction, it is stated that " on making the section
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from the external air. The exuded fluid tends to accumulate at cer-
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tent fever ; but these differences exist among those only who have
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