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deep, containing a quantity of mercury, and in which the
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[Communicated to the Section of Anatomy and Physiology. January 26,
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lost much in weight. His doctor had noted a sausage-shaped tumour
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" I think I can confidently state to you, that any influ-
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his affiliation with Dr. E. W. Johnson, Bemidji, in the
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he is so distinguished an ornament should be required to call
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orrhage, to prevent necrotic processes in the intestine, to repair the loss of
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some instances no cause can be assigned. " Nothing can be more puz-
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are directly dependent upon how adequately he can help.
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in which it differs from man are exaggerated in the Cynocephalus ; that
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&om the first. The infiltration may be reabsorbed ; but a firm indi^
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wells, contains them, and they are very numerous in the upper layers
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imagine. Opinion has varied greatly as to whether alcohol ■
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students acquired their knowledge of obstetrics by being
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d. mus. di zool. [etc.], Geneva, 1899, no. 81, 1-10, 1 p!.—
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steroids, metric system, intravenous administration of drugs, antibiotics,
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binations of peptonates, albuminates, and benzoates,
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Kepr. from: Tr Soc. Sc. Cong.. Brighton. 1875, Oct.
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standards for milk and dairy products. It will be observed that this,
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this systemic decline manifest in this disease, we must begin
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and mental hebetude ; but the brain might also suffer at
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the organs and apparatuses. In all the invertebrate animals except the
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an example lies at present before us. It is a specimen of a true
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or lower extremities is apt to occur, and sometimes anasarca. Sweating