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lieved ; so I directed the blue pill, with James's powder, to be
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Akatomical Appeab^vnces. — ^We rarely have opportunity to. see
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nervous, pain in back, some vesical irritation, headaches and insom-
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necessary to tell members of this Association that such conduct
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Tremor and also clonic spasm are ai»t to be associated with impaired strength
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work, on a very hot day, and which was, unfortunately, followed by
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cord lymph, under otherwise quite identical conditions,
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cases (five of X. planum palpebrarum, four of X. tuberosum, and four
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ly destroys the patient by pressure on the brain. Mr. B.
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perforation of the skull took place within fourteen months from the appearance of the
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being rarely similar to the rigidity of meningitis. In
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the ependyma of the ventricles is often rough from the presence of minute
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ment center. Present salary range $10,896-$14,196 with
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Four rabbits were injected with 25 c.c. of a good port wine (15
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Progress of the Case. — On the %th and 9th November he was troubled with
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canal, giving rise to thrombosis ; or there may be chronic
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herent to the atrt)phied cortex. There was also some
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Hirt, published in 1893, says, " We are not yet acquainted with
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tion of the tubules of Henle. Of course, it is true that in certain phases
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1. According to Prof. d'Arsonval's discoveries alternative currents of
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tial diagnosis. This, as in doubtful specific cases,
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While it was true that a multiplication of the instruments called
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These authors counted the blood-corpuscles in a known amount of blood, while