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obviously the only channel by which it can reacli the alimentary
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Infectious Diseases in Pittsburg. — The following infec-
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and he is especially earnest in urging that the general
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The recent Duestrow trial did not tend to exalt expert testimony
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stomach, strongly acidified by tartaric acid, i»^ .</«„«/„,•„/„„ „rt
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pregnancy favors its development, as also do poor habitations,
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haps could not be compared with the sick or disabled patients
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ally a short and brisk course of mercury will give a new turn to the
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least, had words, about this very man, and it was finally
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fore, to withhold criticism and to ask ourselves whether
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nearly 900 persons, using glycerinated lymph prepared in Hol-
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cause the disease is very extensive, and especially because
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the joint being found perfectly healthy, the deceptive symptoms
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office. He may rest assured that the medical director will take nothing for
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Solution hydrochlorate strychnine, 2 drams, tincture cap-
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purely agricultural counties furnish the largest per-
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Hifrier: Ergobniase der Neurologic und Paychiatrie, Zweites
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ation. The age of choice being 5 or 6 years. (Fig. 5.)
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a flat $5.00 per day for food was allowed plus the cost of a room which
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caused by the too free ingress of irritating currents of air, and the resultant continual
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dren. Whether it is as frequent as Benoit assumes must remain
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elderly x^eople, and it is not always easy to say whether the eruption
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consumption prevented by the drunkenness of an individual ?
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A young woman, a chambermaid, aet. 25, for a year or more had had
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in the early stage of the attack. The pericardium contained from ono
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people ? What shall we take as the measures of the dif-