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blood ; skin has a yellowish tinge. Since the commencement

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differences, which represent the annual differences in the

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return to a student of any moneys after payment of fees, or any appropriation of funds of the

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sively shown that relief was impossible by tapping, an explora-

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ious, and blisters may also be used. Soothing applica-

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having poisoned a young terrier with this drug, he could smooth his

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face is, so much the more incompletely, caeteris paribus, is the elimina-

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can bear testimony, and some of them to their cost and

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gratitude for this gift of privilege. Laurie, his wife and

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OF the numerous complaints which are ranked among the dis-

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tion, or any inflammation at all : that it is not, in that respect,

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dyspepsia. Epicures and gormandizers by no means of necessity become

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of affording but little information, and certainly only

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of P-R interval; sino-auricular rhythm; 2 to l block excluded by failure of

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1. Right arm veritcal. — ^ 2. Point. — 3. Tubn to right about finger. — 4. In

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chill or chilly sensations were found in 71.4 per cent, of cases of the

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largely upon the intensity of these stigmata or evidences

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fingers : that the enlarged Ovary should be drawn to the side and

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America, strongly advocates the contagious theory. He says —

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his stomach being dilated. The pain and soreness in

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delivered with ease. In applying the blades there was some escape

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include its more aberrant or doubtful manifestations. Sydenham went so

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Fractura complicata pollicis sin. Jahrb. d. Wien. k. k.

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on the inner side ; on the outer side the periosteum is still

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