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following days the patient was rather feverish (highest tempe-

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always existing in the nervous matter and the circulating fluid.

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of which have not yet wholly died away, that, in order to suc-

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than that produced by water or air. Tracheotomy was safely

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under discussion, and in none of them did any tuber-

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— Aidoiomania — Dipsomania — Eesponsibility of drunkards — Delirium tremens

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long pissed its incipient stage, accjuired such force

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children. In infancy, intestinal obstruction and intussuscep-

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directly they were admitted into the hospital. In the

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luetic affections which exhibit a lymphocytosis in the fluid. In neuroses, on the

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was constructed four years ago, and exhibited at the July

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and Keen, (May, 1864,) in the Army Medical Circular, No. G,

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ble effects, violence, debauchery, insanity, and crime. The jails and mad-

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study may be summarized as follows: I. The incubation

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From later experience, however, which, I trust, will

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The ptyalism was always preceded by heat and congestion of

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original thought and observation in young physicians. The distinction of

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assertion without due and mature suspension of judgment ... if

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the bloated appearance of the patient, and abolishing, on the day after

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typhoid fever in Boston as compared with the disease

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Director at E.F. Hutton. Call collect 314-725-9690.

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in Minnesota with those in the United States Death Registration

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Rat 412 put into the infected breeding-cage on 15 : ii : ^13