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cisco Quarautine for temporary duty. September 3, 1893.

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dual poisons amenable to them follow in a sort of na-

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and a half inches in diameter. There is great itching,

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ascribe such a curative power to this remedy, on the authority

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to counting fingers at four feet, but was normal in the other eye. In this

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wound was found to have healed by primary union. The bowels

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ing as the Act itself. Therefore any medical practitioner who takes

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There are certain ailments which may cause confusion, these usually being

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level which obtained before the animal was first in-

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acted perfectly before the corrosive sublimate had time to occasion bad

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phied, the usual concentric circles of myeline, around the axis cylin-

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the writers on this disease from which ju- soon give raw cucumbers. When there is

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ment at once, with results far better than were expected.

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occurred from smaU-pox. Forty fatal cases of small-pox

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the disease was almost universally fatal, wonderful results were obtained

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reference. The matter furnished by William Darby, au-

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of the earth, and still more that which only exceptionally suffers,

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lobe, while the right lobe secreted bile in good quantity, which

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tion of the child has been copied literally by writers for

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cases that one is not surprised to find a growing tendency

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of Physicians' (1767) first indicated fully the differences between them.

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whether central or pei-ipheral in position, are in clumj)s and are possibly

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Sense. — "I shall tell you how it vas I drunk my lager; den I put

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washing and cleansing the ulcers. I generally cover the

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tion of acidulated urine : a delicate white ring about

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rapidly boiling the mixture. The amount of sugar w^hich had

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ing the second or third month, strive to secure a com-

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and the residua of segmentation; {b) on the parasites themselves when

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repeat, entertain the case with attention, treat the

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should be continued, observing these intervals, until the heat of

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anxiety to .know whether she should be hanged or ^"itr^

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Mihichener medicinische Wochenschrift, July ij. igoo.

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evident that in the majority of persons the inflammation

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plaint, that I did not give credit to the gentleman