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chial tube, and so far there was a physical indication of a
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same size, and I think there can be no doubt that it
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the work, but the latest volumes of the Transactions,
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of the water or poising upon the tip of a leaf or twig
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been followed by return of function of the nerve, and
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off his horse while hunting, and, in addition to other
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women suffer after delivery may be prevented by pro-
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There were thirty-nine medical men in the Convention which con-
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three years he spent in a laborious country practice, I feel I have
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physicians to make the mind of man, as well as his body,
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which does not exist in other animals, it seems likely that it is
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ligament. In the case of ladies, a surgeon often feels
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the memorial signed by the President, to the Secre-
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tain — that three out of the five (and these were
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ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. [British iVIedical Journal.
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amination of one justice with the aid, if necessary, of
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for example, in physic, that the experienced practi-
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cannot for a moment stay the progress of the disease
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employ it in their family cii'cle amongst the young
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in reference to the first, to its intractable nature ;
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tal for the third time since his discharge from the
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other cases were cured. Though partly consolidated,
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vices which are scattered broadcast over the country.
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For instance, we all know that many chronic cases do not re-
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that statistics were usually of but little importance
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critical discharges of any kind which could be consi-
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swiftly and kindly without any long continuation of
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left side, the point of the catheter constantly shpped.
tion in the parents, or generative debility, is a fi-e-
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attributed to her previous fatigue. In a few hours those
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bum " onions with honey, that (with theii* abounding 1
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for the very laborious work which he has performed.
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given in bronchitic complications, and stimulants in
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The following is the substance of the case referred to, which is