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cases with the tendon reflexes. The increase of the tendon reflexes, and the

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session : the second examination at the termination of the curriculum.

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have, for eighteen months preceding the end of their third winter

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Cystitis may likewise develop, and may be associated with fermentation of

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(with the exception of herpes zoster), much less often than we might imagine

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Military Surgery, Pathology of Diseases and Injuries incident to Naval and

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patients. The fact that the clinic is located in Albert Merritt Billings Hospital and is

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for the copper and tartrate solutions, and making the mixture at the time

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and little fingers, and there is often a pronounced girdle sensation in the

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^general conduct shall appear to deserve shall be delivered to him by the Chair-

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Vallecillo, Luis Arsenio, a, w, sp, Isabella, P.R. U. of Puerto Rico.

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36. Cl>$>att neeasaar^ tw\^iip<Berc , fcma, rafaraiMsaa, atasidardd and aicmlatad asari&iit«f$ ,

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sequela? " do to the acute infectious diseases — for example, as postdiphtheritic

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portance, we will give here a synopsis, somewhat schematic, of course, of the

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anatomical investigations (A. Dubler) favor the hypothesis that there is a

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Mercy Aurora Southwick, M.D., Curator and Instructor in Pathological Technic.

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a yellowish tinge, from the imbibition of such blood pigment as has reached

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recently gout was considered a rare disease in Germany, but this was surely

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the rank of Staff-Surgeon untU lie shall have served five years, two of which

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e. Chocolate JT^ifk and Chocolate Drink. The usual Ingredients In chocolate nilk or

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tages for the study of Practical Dentistry, and where lectures are

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Fleet Swrgeon. — On promotion or under 20 years' service 1 3

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Again, the primary trouble may not have betrayed itself at all, or its symp-

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The m) buvs some "Consumer Graded" eggs tor resaiu or for hosnuai use

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and methods of manipulation for forming emulsions, pills, &c. Materia

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*(() Ab a complete ezaminatioii for those who have not so paaeed,

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tients are never able to eat enough. They have a longing, in many cases, for

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from alcoholic confusion. The distinction from dementia prsecox is difficult,

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about by the disease itself, but is due to some intercurrent affection or to

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ward, the Surgical ward, the Obstetric ward, the Ophthalmic ward, Out Patients.

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of the processes, by which they are made, and of the best excipients

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ment or related departments are required. The courses must be selected with the ap-

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culi, beginning cerebral diseases [especially multiple sclerosis. — K.], arterio-

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Yienna, Sco., may well draw foreign candidates for degrees ; even those

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SvL^^ifl®":..? ;illJ*J*'!^*^*^ ^ «^^e«^ 0^ parasite oa tite pet

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The anatomical basis of this remarkable disease is still unknown. In the

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, detection of larvae in the bloM and treatment for both «ie larvae ami the a«^lts. This

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2. Sometimes the disease appears under the exact type of a chronic trans-

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The clinical symptoms are easily understood from this. The disease al-

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JOHN ASHHUBST, Jan., M.D., Professor of Clinical Surgery In the Uniyeraity of PODDsyf.

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required to pay this officer £2 2s. per annum. Practicdl Anatomy.

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see in the muscles a very remarkable phenomenon, discovered by Erb —

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equivalent for one course. The candidate must be twenty-one years