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It is possible to desensitize animals by following a small dose in two
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wide field for investigation, and many points of much importance in
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his neck in a favorable position and to cough out the blood as
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fed upon bread containing the innutritions and waste-inducing
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majority of instances, the cases given clearly prove. Of the
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Surgeons Pathology Conference, second Tuesday, 7:00 a.m. breakfast, Wadley Regional Medical Center
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the abnormalities of the general metabolism. It need
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Surgeon-General of the Marine-Hospital Service, and
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and, particularly in young subjects, should only be
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of his young manhood, gasping in death because, forsooth, the enlarged glands
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Military record, U. S. Army, 2 years; U. S. Navy, 74-
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is unsafe to persist long in its exhibition. I regard it as peculiarly
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* Delivered at the 39th Annual Meeting of the American
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similar to those beneath the skin are sometimes discovered in the sub-
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which had been uninterrupted through two years, according to-
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The modern city of Salerno is situated on the Neapolitan
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ledge could not understand the distinct expressions of the voice
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which exclude the supposition of "peripheral " paralysis of a nerve-trunk.
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with. " the most violent convulsions'' wMcli lasted for a quarter of an
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mother or by a healthy wet-nurse ; but the followin
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there may be observed a Dumber of the Graafian vesicles, in
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New York. These were all unanimously 'elected by the Convention.
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14 years old," then had severe erysipelas in left leg and foot ;
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rator, and entered it between the ril)S with difiiculty.
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tuberculosis is very frequent and he believes that it is
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* Or 37.682 if refriclion u do&f bv to opl^octmL
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ascertain whether the patient has any warning of its approach. If there
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said to be generally successful. This consists of sleeping on an inclined
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originally transplanted. In the third animal, which was
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to the patient's leg. They do this, they say, to prevent
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10. Operative Treatment of Chronic Suppurations of the Attic.
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number of readers. If he does, he will, we fear, certainly be
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are insulated with cork, lined with cement, lighted by natural light, and keep
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would probably soon lead to a change of location of that college,
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civilization encourage its development in the higher
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present in but small numbers, or even entirely absent in the peri-
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ing the attention of the profession to an earnest and in-
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which the physician had to contend, and now it is seldom seen. It is
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tumor in the ccrel»elluni, producing pressure upnn tH|