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silver spoon, as it would thus form nitrate of silver, or lunar caustic. It
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It may be eonsideied as a tiDCTTire of the aromatics meDiioDed mixed
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Horehound has been known as a medicine from the times of Charle-
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a tendency to produce acidity of stomach ; an objection to which sweet
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$t de Ckim,, Nov. 1866, p. S2S.)—NoU to the third edition.
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haps, better still to the amiable obscenities of old
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4. Through the Principle of Sympathy, or Nervous Transmission,
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baiiL is rather hard, compact, and heavy, closely and finely fibrous, and
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skin losing a share of its sensibility ; and this, like every
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said to have occurred from the application to a blister on the neck of an
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success complete or partial, and the frequent failure also, of the remedy
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losis which can be studied with greater profit to-day
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likewise a considerable difference in the quantity of farina,
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posed to operate more especially on the cerebellum ; opium, from Us
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addition of some agreeable flavouring substance, as one of th«^ aromatic
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of clothing. Occasionally the hair of the goat is met with,
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taken as a medicine acts simply by a gentle exaltation of all the blood-
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implies that the diseased centres are only functionally affecled; for, if
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The iijfluouce of morphia in the relief of pain was not disiurhed by atropia.
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is less used in that aHection j and I have myself so seldom employed i
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bonate, which decomposes the sulphates contained in it, and throwd
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thus become more thoroughly loaded with the vapour than it would be
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characterize the action of Peruvian bark. In the recent state, it is aaid
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amount of exercise, varying according to the state of the individual, is
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ooly after a short period of immersion. Ueat acts more quickly than
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as a result of cold exposure, the degree of change was not outside
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inertness of alcoholic remedies in the intemperate, in whom they are
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of South America an advantage is taken of the water in this
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their thick skins, and the two latter, as occupying more per-
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ally in a total area measuring 8 in, x 10 1/2 in. The importance of
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Preventive Influence. Upon the same principles as those on whicb
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and at distant intervals ; the latter was surrounding him,
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one made by inspissating the expressed juice of the fresh leaves, the other
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ioB tMie to fire crazns. of the dried fn>ni half a grain to thrve inains.^
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was not prolonged; not even in the experiment where the untreated
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eated with cerebral disease and amaurosis, and may serve to account in
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upon them, so as not to impede their exertions. Many of
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until, in the spontaneous changes which the system undergoes in tktl
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hard, honest sweat of body and brain, but in many of