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Examination may be Examined for Honours in Surgery. If in the

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Groves, H. Joseph Firth (Prel. Sci.), Guy's Hospital

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following members and visitors entered their names in the book pro-

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o-irl, aged 10, who had had symptoms of brain-pressure for rather less

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measures which I have just described encourages me, even in the ab-

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or country, in case of invasion, by road or rail. What arrangements

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press seems to us on all occasions objectionable. We shall, however,

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are going to do, a great deal of harm ; and that, though they are popular,

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satisfactoi7 manner in which he had discharged the duties of his oflice.

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diastole with a ventricular impulse", etc. I may remind him that Dr.

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died very shortly afterwards. He never rallied from the effects of the

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at the University. In the Faculty of Medicine, the first year's students

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ought to remove such a tumour, and might hope that, the cause being

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Dr. Copland, J in his deservedly celebrated Dictionary 0/ li/edicine,

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surgeons who volunteer their services must accept office for not less

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hypera;sthesia had decreased. There was inflammation of the con-

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been duly honoured and acknowledged, the party broke up.

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kindness softened greatly the regret of Mr. Fearn's friends that his last

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THE VICHY WATERS COMPANY, 27, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square,

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the late Rev. Canon Guthrie; and a Surgical Scholarship of ^15,

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certificates to practise, on Thursday, November 3rd, 1870.

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fectly well in every other respect. The paralysis liecame gradu.illy

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not conceive where, if they were unfortunately to lose Dr. Falconer,

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limits. — Ammonia of the Atmosphere, whence derived, its uses in

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in detached houses in different localities. The cases soon began to

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self at the unreserved disposal of the French war department in a com-

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are open to competition amongst gentlemen educated at the Hospital,

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12 months, £\(> l6s.; 18 months, /21 ; unlimited, ^25. Surgical,

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and blunt its sensibilities, the kindness will never fade from my re-

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So, too, does the image of a vessel deviate to and coincide with one or