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one rather for medical science than for the Boards. Now that
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sels, is more frequent in relation to disease of the arteries than of the
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assail those who are equally ardent in their support of the
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Wasdin, Eugene, passed assistant surgeon. To proceed to
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72 cases treated in this way for s^co7trf primary; mean
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three or four cases which proved fatal, in which there was tertiary syphilis
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prognosis as to recovery is to be based upon the condition
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Exceptional cases may occur, such as when one has permitted himself
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large, hard, painful swelling in the right groin, the size of the
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The plague of India, and the present pestilence of Europe, the c/io-
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cases of that kind, of haamorrhage, and the unfortunate results
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incident to the human frame. Of these, none are better calcu-
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move her limbs. This crackling of the \ Experience has proved that there are but
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munized children of the same age. The illnesses that were
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hags. Now, if you take a good view of these sweet companions,
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(1J° to 2^° C). The man had been seen by every Practitioner
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Methodist Hospital of Jonesboro CME Staff Conference, second Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., Cafeteria, Methodist Hospital of Jonesboro
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and in many cases it was of a severe form, although not proving
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Orientalis " — a woi-k of great value on Indian botany — but it
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sure not to introduce anything into the wound not cleansed by the carbolic
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after the accident he began to suffer con.siderable pain at the