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makes its presence manifest as soon as it enters the
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the upper tliird of the jejnmum and of the lower third of the ileon ; the
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Mosso, Die Umwandlung der rothen Blutkorperchen etc. Virchow's Archiv 109,
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see patients frequently who cannot be guaranteed proper
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complete static machine, made by the H. P. Engln Co., of
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may very much resemble one induced by rubbing antimonial ointment
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is valuable to such in proportion to its real newness. Such
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to possess all the properties of sulphurous acid, with the
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cago, 1892, xix, )51-l.i.->. AUo: Med. Bull., Phila., 1892,
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its more general application to the diagnosis of disorders of the
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The species generally credited with evil effects are : Apts melhfica
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I prefer a median incision, because I believe there is less hemorrhage-,
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Fig. 1. — Diagram of Case XVIII. The appendix contains a concretion and is
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With regard to the source of the acetone compounds, it is generally as-
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potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus
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fails to kill all of the organisms sensitive to it, including
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says, " I would advise the administration of chloroform in all ordi-
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event cannot be attributed to the mere circumstance of her having
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V. Some Observations on tlie Cure of Hydrocele of the
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by the more characteristic features — nausea and vomiting, a hot pain in the