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Buerger and Churchman experimented in Breslau on the role of the
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spiratory fixation of the thorax in emphysema the ribs are
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has absolutely no place in the treatment of these cases. He says
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with glandered horses experimental observations on guinea pigs
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It is no argument against the position we have taken to
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a bacillus to which he gave the name of bacillus haemorrhagicus.
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introduced from within outward and should include the internal
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Tuley Epitome of Pediatrics. A Manual for Students and Practitioners.
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culture is then spread over the surface of a Petri dish upon which
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Objects of little value had best be burned. After this the best means
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Transmission of Typhus Fever of Mexico by the Louse
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According to Lignieres petechial fever is produced by a streptococcus
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