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blue pill of lead. This is about the best sedative for an incurable
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lower nasal passage till it enters the naso pharyngeal cavity its passnge
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ite method of revenge practised by a discarded lover in
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cases in which treatment was undertaken too late. The symp
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circumstances the malady almost invariably recurs in a very short
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disease by lobectomy. I do not believe thoracectomy is the treatment
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Vessels Nerves amp c. of the Human Body Quain Jones.
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applied in a scientific manner and the treatment of man
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febrile attack by presenting themselves after a night s debauch
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dents for graduation. But this could only be done by
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Necropsy Report. All tissues intensely jaundiced Some hemorrhage into
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chloroform. One would expect that if a stimulus were able to produce a
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anterior circumflex branch of the profound femoral artery was the
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the catarrhal affections or obstinate coughs and also
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again the result of several years investigation of the customs in different
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author. Foes was a distinguished practitioner whom fortune had not
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long as there is any hoarseness of voice or harshness
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ligation of the common carotid it need hardly be said that tonsillo
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painful and dangerous deviations from health which sooner or later
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calcium carbonate to the crude acid and decomposing the calcium sulphovinate by
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By these propositions M. Segalas evidently means to assert that the spinal
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offer a few remarks on some portions of the paper in question.
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pressor. The cavity to be irrigated antiseptically sublimate
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The remedies other than those merely palliative which are useful in the
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animals were always work animals many of them being placed on
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stirpation eines interstitiellen Uterusmyom s. Verhaudl.
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men may be attributed probably to the various acute and
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this coloring matter must be sought among the chemical transfor
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syphilis iodide of potassium and mercurials will be indicated.
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and imparting a healthy tone to the nerves and tissues
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later stages the paroxysms continue with the same regularity day and
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Iron is most commonly needed but quite as often there will be
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the ancients but subsequently fallen into oblivion.
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Microscopically there is seen to be an increase in the connective
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tomy for a painful movable kidney. Since then the operation has
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out the usual intermissions. Ergot possesses little influence
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tissue and although the fine bronchial twigs must necessarily be