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produce a revolving. Evidently rather the friction begins first at

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smaller particles. Again, the fresh exudate was quite viscid and

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appears in moderation. The only point to be kept constantly in mind

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tageously kept flat in bed without any pillows for about 2 hours at that

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for no such means of keeping the bronchial tubes and air-cells patent

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whereas their descriptions show an unusually strong natural

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it would be impossible for the peasants to gather their sheep from

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proteins of widely different species or between proteins of widely different origin."

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area stains much more intensely than the sides. Occasionally,

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In conclusion, the writers wish to express their heartiest appre-

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value over 75 may be considered reasonably satisfactory.

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each other by their brims, each of which by itself is intensely active

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that in animals injuries to the cervical ganglia of the sympathetic

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serum and normal leukocytes. In all cases accurately standardized

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with the exception of the absence of generalized cutaneous hemor-

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hours after it was applied. The compression was so unflinchingly

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temperature. If this does not work, we may use hot wet applications

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5. The study of facts demonstrates that there is no proportion

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the sake, if possible, of preventing adhesions. Lying upon his sound

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used in our experiments we have no conclusive evidence, for with

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who commit infanticide, in which the causes are treated of with great

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dried, and kept in air-tight receptacles. Or they may be immediately

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should be under the direction of the Executive Committee.

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Inoculations made with spoon holding about 0.16 c.c.

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suppression of inflammatory reaction in tliis case was undoubtedly

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58. Pfeiffer and Mita. Ztschr. f. Immunitat (Orig.), 191°. 6, p. 727-

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effect of hydroxyurea on the frequency of painful crises in sickle cell anemia

pearance. Our explanation is purely hypothetical but it seems

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dressing. Granulating surface touched with solid nitrate of silver.

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generally efficacious. In case they all fail, we are thrown back on our

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distinct reflex action of legs if the feet were pinched, and of tlie

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has seen marked success follow their use in several cases of palpitation ;

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the Report be received and entered on the Minutes, and that the Appendices,

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not, however, be used in bronchitis from congestion, even if it is the first

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cocentesis is indicated: (1) where there is no time or no opportunity

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