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the young arrested development both physical and psychical.

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no tendency to form vesicles nor pustules is not inoculable and

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commonly the lymphatic glands offer barriers of protection against

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ulceration it is elicited mainly along the course of the large bowel.

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taken for a period of days even in very small quanti

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cases of smallpox and measles attended by typhus. We give

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the chest of slight interference with respiration headache dizziness

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strongly acid merely as the result of a day s incubation. As the

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place between the ovary and the intestines bladder vagina or rectum

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leukocytes of the blood are characterized by their size and their pecu

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general disturbance in the circulation of the blood and as

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may lead to the specific nutritional changes witnessed in meta

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Dysentery bacilli were isolated from wild flies captured

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skin which gave nt to large quantities of fetid air and dark

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temperature. The limbs are jerked irregularly the breathing is spasmodic

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ture of benzoin or preparations of tar creasote or turpentine. The throat

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