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frequent in one position than in another. It is known,
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Of late years, owing to tlio rapid advance of medical
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larger space to spread over than is allotted to Medicine and
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merely looked at it and found it to contain a pretty thick
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Sprengel, Reil, Authenrieth, Chenevix, Dr. Elliotson, Colqu-
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a few hours) go on again. Some color remains for a few days at the
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The paroxysms of coughing are accompanied with great congestion of tin ':'
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canal, it is important, in order to secure good results, to
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the differential diagnosis between the intromission ofa foreign
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lower portions of the canal frequently ; possibly also in
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employed is still a secret, but its results are very remarkable.
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rosei, bracteolati. Calix campanulato-globosus, quinque-dentatus, pulverulenlo-
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I append a reproduction of Ferrier's chart of psyclao-motor
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to the clinical and pathological importance of ureine.
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course, would be useful and hence desirable. With the
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tween 40 and 60 years, 11— above 60 years, 7. Born in the United States, 54— Iielaud, 15—
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good and proper braces. The result of this was, to a certain
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ing three months of therapy with metformin 2.5 g daily."*
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most probably in the spleen, giving rise to the colicky symptoms.
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Tcnawn period in the History of Nursing was that from the latter
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occur to the well-informed reader that the same holds
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served as a counter for displaying his drugs. The dentists are surrounded with tro»
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process, and great care is required in these animals to
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many instances where prsecordial oppression, pain, palpitation and
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the way to the free passage of air through the nose, and inter-
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date from Dr. John C. Warren, requesting that his name be not
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Physical and Medical Science of the Provincial Society of Utrecht, on the 26th of June, 1848,
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eye beyond its antero- posterior axis. We see that abduction belongs rather to the
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Deb. apia. L. dd/Ua apitaitufdine, of the proper consistence.
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By exercise and diet the increased blood-supply to the
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of $5 per annum, in advance. At this price it ranks as the cheapest medical periodical