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of a series of small attic wards, originally set apart for cholera patients,

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case; of serous membranes in two cases; of bones and joints in

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gical service, five months in the medical service; sec-

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typhoid symptoms, and most of them died. Even in the instance

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were applied to the feet and nape of the neck, there being a severe

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the credit of having first established the truly important rank erf appendicitis.*

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dairy cows, fed indoors, and liable to swallow pins, needles,

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matter upon a reasonable basis, thus serving to re-

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how difficult it is to avoid typographical errors, but we cannot

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that any measure upon the subject should receive careful

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tend to decrease the blood's coagulability. Eggs, milk, and, as

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an omission occurred, as in the case referred to by Dr. Paget,

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excitement, and predispose to anger." Consistently with these theoretical

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animal, extended on its litter, incapable of any regulated move-

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Epilepsie jack.sonienne chez un hEiEdo.s.vphilitique de 5

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greater degree of anaesthesia of the iris than does cocaine and relieves

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congenital talipes varus. Harper Hnsp. Bull., Detroit,

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method,^' and we prefer making internal and external skin flaps

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19.— Logan reports 2 cases in which antistreptococcus

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bacillus is the cause of the diphtheritic neuritis in man.

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Medical man, there can 'be no question that cither of these

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may be sufficiently great and rapid to occasion sudden death, but this is

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" Sec. 2. The first duty of a patient is to select as his medical

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growth hardening, the tooth becomes fixed in position.

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operations are considered. It is important to know both the position

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arrived at their correct conclusion, than are those children who solve complex

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ceased, and since then some 130 cases have been operated

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Destrudim of cmtagia. — Steps must always be taken to prevent a person

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and not to his spiritual. He is a savage, and the idea of

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Fatty cirrhosis, in which the organ is sometimes enlarged, may be latent

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Benton, Arkansas 72015 Hours by Appointment Little Rock: 847-4125

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and again at the end of seventy-two or ninety-six hours. The twenty-

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growths, and the value of the proctoscope in their early

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Symptoms, In some cases no sjrmptoms, even of heart disease,

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tion had simulated other conditions and vice versa. In