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But they should be taught not to use even their natural

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kept off from the general circulation, and in a less hurtful way than

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magnesia 10 grs., peppermint water 11 di'S. spirits of nut-

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patica. Atti d. xi. Cong. nied. interna?,. 1894, Roma.

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Diagnosis. — The local sensations, chronic alteration of the voice,

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stable, or other place, under a penalty of not less than one or more than five

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Chowning, of the University of Minnesota, studied spot-

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acute, acute or chronic course. The anatomical changes are essen-

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nalion. Some form of alcoholic stimulant will often be of great use in calm-

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ing columns of newspapers for frank cards at regular

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the native villages in malarious localities, but should be situated at some

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by the difference in the racemes, which, in the ambro-

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Origin of the Excess of Uric Acid in the Blood. — Three possibilities

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regulations as regards preliminary education as medical students, but

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Cabs 144. — Operator, McBumey, 1891 (Starr). Lumbar region-;

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abolished, the ulcer excised, and the opening in the jejunum

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also hysterical attacks may be prevented if hypnotism be

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matic hernia, which has escaped the notice of nearly all who

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paresis due to the effect of auto-intoxication upon the

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Adrenalin chlorid solution, 1 to 2000, may be sprayed in the

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kidneys (hsemoglobinuria), and intestines (colic). The disease is most

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mend to the attention of our readers the letter from Dr. Adams which appears

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or twelve days of a fever not to be distinguished from typhus ; or he goes

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indicated by the fact that, not only can fixation be obtained with non-

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pure nitrate of potassa, from twenty to forty grains, in solution

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introduction into the vagina of a large Barnes bag ; an ice-bag should also be