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experimental and in the natural disease. If that be the case, we are
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a week later. In the space between the last rib and the iliac crest a swelling, with
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of the relative expansibility of the lung in every recent non-tubercu-
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Condition of Vaccine Lynipli, and a Remedy proposed." By H. Blanc, !M.D.,
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Pakes. Bacteriological infection of filters. Practi-
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the pituitary of thief series. Cushing and Heuer ^^ have written inter-
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district during 1865, and 180 in 1864. Fever proved
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university was a mere examining-board and its require-
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disturbance. Calcium excretion is decreased by thiazides.
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the mortality was 41.37 per cent. 197 cases were treated with
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In the abdomen a tumour, as large as a big orange, but of irregular
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non-occurrence of word-deafness in cases where hearing is lost on the
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138 Kelly: (Esophafius with Perforations due to Ulceration
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favor of the conclusion that it is carcinomatous. The tuberculous char-
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bents in common with other parts of the system during the
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or bodily — in the lower animals, and the careful study of the
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certainly brougbt out—viz., the dang'er to improperly
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being trained to do the work which ought properly to be
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the differentiation between an otitic abscess in the temporal
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during adolescence ; nevertheless, Litten alludes to two cases in which
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the rope, and then her hair, was caught by a revolving wheel,
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of the treatment is required. In fact I prefer this medi-
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to the German Congress of Surgeons of the year 1876, recom-
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portance to the due understanding of terms. Medical experience is of
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from the earliest dawn of modem medical education women were
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every nerve in one's body wei*e being twisted and tight strung, till it
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injured, be established at West Point, that it be filled by
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been able to reduce the hernia. Two days before I saw him it had
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some of my operations on club-feet. I have not selected the most
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months. Her husband is known to have had a chancre and constitu-
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1874.] Uramia and the Nervous Symptoms of Fever, 193
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to illustrate every detail. In one of these courses, which are limited to
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No vomiting. At visii 12.30 p.m. — Tongue dry and horny; considerable pain in the
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or atmospheric electricity is to that produced by contact or
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ever, it, as well as the fauces, was of a greyish-black colour. On
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centers within the fourth ventricle and other parts of the