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nerves in amputations. These are usually very painful, but the patients

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make use of the obnoxious word " wilful " as applied to the

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lowing gentlemen will take part : Dr. Radcliffe Crocker, Dr.

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Hopkins— HuTTON.— On June sth, at Laurel Bank, Hillhead, Glasgow, by

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invited for Assistant Surgeon. Applications to R. J. Gilbert, Secre-

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larged middle spongy bone, or those in the space above the

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it is seen that fibrous overgrowth caused matting of all the nervous

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Contractures in one or in both legs are very conmion, and may per-

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of crime. I would make it illegal for any body to be intended

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castle ; and already during the current year 6^3 cases, with 44 deaths.

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mode of doing it, but he thought there were many difticulties

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the whole trouble was gouty. Ordinary articular gout frequently

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Le M. Bunch, of London ; Silver Medals, T. B Stedman, of Lcighton

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selves, and call them "reflex" epilepsies, while all other forms they term

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for further examination, and I must express my thanks to Mr. C F.

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phalanges than elsewhere. The patient is perfectly certain that his boots

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mentioned speakers. He thought that probably those ope-

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and Birkenhead. The mortalitv from "fever" showed no marked excess

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on tlie final examination of the two Irish Universities

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"These association fibers may be quite short when they pass be-

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ease, and whether they had migrainous relatives. The results of these

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appeared to be perfectly free ; she had no cough. This case

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it has appeared in the United States, particularly in North Carolina,

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is involved, contraction of the muscles of the legs may occur, drawing

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burn, 2:i sin Suoderlaud, and 24.7 in Liverpool. In the thirty-two pro-

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True muscular pains, on the other hand, are very frequent, and in

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grayish. The secretion from it is scanty and thin, and suppuration

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of azoturia in which the urine showed a great excess of urea without the

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Upwards of -320 candidates have entered for the final examination for the

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a great deal more prevalent among men than among women. Many

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examples of the disease than those who did not have convulsions. The

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the leading part in the management of these cases, for whatever pro-

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ticularly in the right internal jugular, as this vessel descends in a direct

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is equally a subject of very diverse interpretation among investigators,

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thing occurred in a previous year. He assured the Council

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This, however, leaves unexplained the outbreak of this disease in

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eral thickening of the arterial wall with loss of contractility and elas-