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that craniotomy should be performed, then the obste-
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conclusions as to the dangers of venesections, or as
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cularly into the substance of the glans, in order that the edge
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ment of the sac as to render it inappreciable to the ear or
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the process, or at least the collateral phenomena, are
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motic class appear to be largely propagated by con-
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to feed and foster the popular craving after excite-
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from a scarcity of medicines to answer particular inten-
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been suggested by observing the occasional termina-
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Baikie, who was a native of Kirkwall. About the age
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blesome after-sores. It has received tlie sanction ani commenda-
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everywhere else, personally, professionally, and pub-
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district, and attributes the fact, in great part, to the
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detecting anaemic portions of the retina. It is true
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The condyles and lower three inches of shaft of right femur were
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other surgical practice, experience is the test ; a trial
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case as clearly as by twenty, and when so shown, the
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the different unions to take, with reference to the re-
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the mother had been fifteen hours in labour ; after some
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If your medical readers were to make a copy of this form for
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differences in the cost of patients in different London
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sure with the hand externally over the womb, grasp-
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though limited, sufficient. Far different, however,
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Botanical Examinations, in the College 1 -iVpHnpadnv « „ ,.,
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same time not be able to tell you why or how he knows it. The
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tions, should authenticate them with their names — of course, not
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Tlie fear of liindering the eruption, of causing a retrocession of
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puration and catarrh of the dermoid layer followed ;
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tremens is not a case ivithin the scope and object of
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ance ; but the heart's impule was very excessive, and
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application : First, that wherever rivers are polluted
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valescence. The first symptoms which marked any change
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Dr. Aronssohn to touch repeatedly the little point which still
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