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glance over the cases I have collected, and briefly describe some which
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as normal. In addition to symptoms of acute bronchitis we noted
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Way, Edward W., L.R.C.P. Lond., Adelaide, South Australia
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side of the chest, except just at the bifurcation of the trachea. The right
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the scapula is very broad, and the coracoid process turns up and
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not apoplexy, and in our case there was no ascertained kidney-disease.
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found free from albumen, which was looked for, but was never
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right lobe of the cerebellum ; the body had replaced a large part of the
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for his work on " Botryocephalus Latus"; 4. To Dr. Rene Blache, for
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pox in Paris are officially reported to have been 227. The returns for
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commenced rapidly to improve. The medicine penetrated to the fountain-head of
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health and life, have, by the use of this instrument, and the medicines ol I»r. Root,
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constant pain and suffering I endured, can hardly be described ; the most delicate
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is perhaps more probable that he consulted his happiness and his repu-
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are involved than that of the absolute and comparative quantity of air
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160. A seven-year-old mare, left in hospital November 28th, 1897,
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severe epileptic attack, in which all his limbs were quite rigid, and he
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For examinations of the kind required we do not want men of the
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dartoid connective tissue. The cord was divided with the ecraseur,
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We tried lately to make it clear that the female sex as a whole will
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M.R.C.S., Surgeon to the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Infirmary.
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a certain number of instructive cases related. The goat proves to be
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to the movement of blood, or from a primary change in the quality of
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with tincture of iodine, which was also applied to the hollow formed in
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the entire body, and showed a swelling — as if from local cramp — under
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narrow-ly escape amputation of the hand in consequence of wound of
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what pain there was, was frontal. His head had felt different alto-
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geons to their College, to a more direct interest in ils welfare, and
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four ; inflammation of the sinuses produced by tumours, five ; inflam-
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^\?:rio:ri'cf 'a"m:n":^"admitted into King's College Hospital
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fourth, more vertical, reached an inch and a half above the level of the
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1S58...70. Was appointed one of the first si.\ members of the General
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On the 15th March last a hea\y se\en-year-old cart mare entered
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lesions seem, then, to depend especially on the degree of virulence
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chief place. Inflammation of the heart muscle occurs secondaril}- during
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guished from what the French call radinie, a mere hypertrophy of the
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acid ; in one case, injection of twelve half-minims was followed by
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end, and the phalanges and the first metacarpal bone (regarding the true
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is wholly scientific ; and we may observe here that, while the occurrence
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persistence and chronic character explained by some peculiarity in the