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states are often terminal. The usual course of pellagra is afebrile. Such terms
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tion in the application of these measures to individual cases. And it ii
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Prof. Deneffe, of Ghent, states that for more than two years he has employed
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attacks. On this day she had two attacks, the first one
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uncovered by anything. Very early disease in the optic
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and not opened until all haemorrhage had been entirely checked.
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central implantation of placenta ; very feeble pains, as
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pulse 128 ; respirations 54. On the left side there
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soon as eclampsia set in there were two indications,
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require and to make obligatory the rectification of alcohol, be-
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line like an ordinary chisel. The object of paring the wooden
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kind, will be found a series of dietary studies carried out on some
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alike on the author and the instituti(m to wliich he
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were reported by the examiners to have passed theii"
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Dr. Carpenter in this particular, that it is very desirable that we should
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due 'to poisonous food, for the bulk of evidence indicates that it is
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Friendly Islands. Brit. M. J., Lond., 1890, ii, 922-924.—
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no alteration. The physical characteristic of inflammatory gangrene is the
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The amount of stimulus produced by dry heat^ is much greater
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diced by repeated and prolonged attempts to extract it
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In centric pneumonia there is no other physical sign
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uraemia, epilepsy, minute apoplexies, hysteria, anaemia, and heart disease,
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ffUHtu ; " riffiimiuv imd OpiTiitivf Suinorv — tlieir Miitiml Ki'liitionH,"
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of the cricoid cartilage. Fifteen years previously the patient had been
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eclamptic convulsions at term in primiparas. The exci-
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tics and differences, and even the existence of certain
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ritis occurs not only in the small intestine, but often extends to the
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expected of us for patient care. In the long run, however, we cannot but suffer
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and if pus does not flow, withdraw the needle slowly, in order that
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grown ; they have reduced the dangers of death from dis-
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Medicolegal Aspects of the Roentgen Ray from the Standpoint of the Surgeon.
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C. Hon, ... i. MM, w,, M.D. Resident Medical Offici '•>
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lymph glands. In these cases, extirpation and microscopical
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studies bring into prominence the importance of new views which will
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the opportunity for oft-repeated experiments in the