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rich autopsy material at Hamburg no instance of imilateral nephritis has
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split open and were very sore, and the feet became so swollen and tender
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cXMi'tiy till' sMiiif t(iii|itiiitiii-i' jis tli(> ciix innimcht; I'm- cmiiiii)!!', if lii.
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on the nerve roots or marked muscular atrophy. It is important to realize
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Till- aitive iiiiisch' alsn prn.liices such sulislances as iiiiiilaznie. wlii.'
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until the onset of the exophthalmic goitre. There are comparatively few
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if aiiythiiifr, was sliuhtly increased, and that of the CO... if anythinL'
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of paralysis and headache. Thirteen other members of the family suffered
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dampness, insufficient clothing, trauma, psychic shocks, and poor food, as
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diseased side suddenly becomes closed, the urine being clear under these
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army and likewise afflicted with Thomsen's disease, was frequently simi-
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many cases, probably the majority, other etiological factors must be present
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stnnil I'ni tlirsi' ii'Msniis till' illt Indllrlniy rhapti'ls arr llr\ntri| tn a
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a hi'.'h peripheral resistance, the decline in the main pldse wave is lai
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It is certain that the cortex has a wholly different function from the medulla,
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I'liiilurt' no prrripitatiiiM. Tlif rxplaiiiitimi nl' tliis is tluit tlic I'linilsniil
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inns is almost eiilirel> a iiharmacoloyic one. If a strip of turtle ven
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Ni-wl.iiru', MiiiiiH, Jinil I'orlir, \V. T. : .'our. V.\h-t. MimI., liilrt, xxiv, ".
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years before the acute appearance of the striking symptoms.^ Perhaps the
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ment. If, however, a few moments of rest intervene, or some sudaen obstacle
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trinsic. iletlei tiiiii is nil ImiL'cr rcci.i.liii. Sicli lia~ I n t'lniinl tu lie tlic case.
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!.y iiinltiiilyiii!.' tin' List twn (iiiiirrs nf tlir s|ii'cilic 'j:ia\ily liy tlir cnii-
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that in the case of the latter even extensive disease is no bar to nephrectomy,
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this has been exaggerated as a causal factor. Many patients give a history
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pelling motion of the canal, and thus keeping their
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nil f ('(t. piimIiiitiI will Ic /(.\ fliiin tlic vdIimiic uI' nxytrcn I'ctjiiiicl
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infiltration of the entire body, hydrothorax, hydropericardium, and oedema
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Fig. 5 a. Photograph of macerated specimen of the same joint.
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tional ; but on opening a vein it gradually increased
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Hill. 1,.. ami Uarnar.l, II.: I'liysii.l., IssT, xxi. .".J.!.
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I iMiutjiiiiiiij.' s.iiiic sii|Miiiiii, til. '11 sliiikcn w'.fh
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toxylin. Usually one or two alveoli only show such a change in their
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iiilnsioil iif till I itildlinii iiiiri riiim niilit'h' tii \ciit lii-lf ; llills, the I' U
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-liipillil tilk<v 'riiiN ilHlif.ilr IIimI uiir tiisl I'dlisiililllliiill sImhiM lir of till
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A word of caution is perhaps not out of order regarding the use of drugs
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regurgitate through the nose. In advanced cases of myasthenia of this
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'•'I Illi'.l. A riiliNtiiiit ti'lnlillrv rxislx t'lir Mlrll Iri'i- nii'i'iry to III' ill'
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