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and those attacked by the disease should be isolated. All cess-pools,

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Arthritis is an inflammation of all the tissues of a joint. In synovitis,

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The history of these cases varies greatly : some get progressively worse,

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a few cases, portions of the intestine that have become invaginated can

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twice been performed with complete relief to the patient, and the aspira-

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close to the chest-wall because of retraction of the margin of the left lung.

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comes on insidiously, with vague abdominal pains, a sense of unrest, and a

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eruption is to follow another, it will disappear within three days from the

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The (lotted lin'K a and a' indicate fhe position of ^^^^ SCCmS shorter than normal,

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phus fever is prevailing and the physician is watchful for its appearance,

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continued until all signs of it have disappeared, x^ the steam inhalation

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movements are for the most part lost. Passive movements are possible

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the probe should be divided with a bistoury. The fistulous tract will be

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11. Blood-vessels. Have no walls. 11. Blood-vessels. Have distinct and

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sive. In Bright's disease, or when there is disease of the arterial coats, the

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with part of the artery for its wall, or an effusion of blood within the

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Waxy or lardaceous degeneration of the spleen, also called the "sago

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In no other valvular disease is sudden death so lialle to occur. Eefer-

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In both affections the rales closely resemble each other; they are usually

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tuherculosis. If, therefore, ])atients with acute tuherculosis may go tlirough

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formed. These sometimes break down and form serpiginous ulcers.

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serous exudation from the previously inflamed membrane. It may break

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in chronic catarrh the liver is diminished in size.

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icle may be upward or downward. If upward, the clavicle may lie on top

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good. In the malignant, or asthenic and scorbutic varieties, it is exceed-

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most imperceptibly. Cancer tends to speedy ulceration, and hemorrhage is

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about the anus, and as the tumor increases in size, sitting becomes uncom-

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which may be distended, soft clots, T\'hich sometimes extend into the

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develop about the base of any chronic ulcerative process.

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Although the Diagnosis of chronic pericarditis is always difiicult, and its

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In chronic cases the surface is uneven. The tubular epithelium is gran-

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methods are em])loyed and the same rules are to be observed as in the dia"'-