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means! In tin il epidemics often appeared to desolate the Lai
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mania is worthy of note. The absence of rheumatic mstory is to be
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The teeth are pigmented, with evidence of decay at the roots
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impotence. I have known many married men much injured in this way, and am
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extreme of labor; both these should bo avoided, as calculated to shorten human
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grub on various extracts and compounds, till finally I succeeded in getting a med-
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developed and there is marked adiposity of the buttocks.
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self-sacrificed victims of irrational fashions of dress, is a fact beyond dispute. And
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sinuses and veins on the surface of the brain. Literior of the brain
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morphine; a white, bitterish, crj'stalline powder, used as an ano-
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the question, or arrives at a satisfactory conclusion. A reflex
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' Aeoording to the Conatantinople Conference, the first case at Valencia was
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partial reappearance of it in Canada and in tbe United States. Towards tbe end
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acute infection. But among the patients, though they are
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is generally supposed there is nothing either deleterious to the system or disgustmsr
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This is a very useful and practical little work, which we may
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used as mere hobbies to deceive people and lead them to resort to useless means to
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does this nucleus belong properly to the contractile substance of
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not very conclusive, as they are those of persons long absent
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liver and spleen are not enlarged. The kidneys are not pal-
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also marked emaciation, which has been lacking in this case.
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lent itching. The white patch is of the color of milk, and spreads all over the
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guaniiia deiglohetti roasi del tangue, P. MAyxEOOAZZA (MUano,
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Antimony, the first of the metallic poisons with which
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Although appearing in the modest garb of a thesis, it contains
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exceed that of the day, and the specific gravity may show Httle
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patient. In the cases in which I have opened such enormous cysts,
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season, while those that are placed in well-lighted rooms, 3nd other places where
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Mistakes often of 3 to 4 inches were made in the determination
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becoming sickly, the children, though the parents be not fully matured, will be
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in carrying a hea\y object, he had a severe attack beginning
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for the time being only, but eradicate every vestige of the poison from the system.
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her practice undisturbed by any aspiring M. D. for considerable time. But finally
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of inorganic poisons treated, the list is a meager one, comprising
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raised as much as possible to a healthy standard, and Mr. Bryant