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takable signs of Bell's paralysis (probably induced by taking an
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the fact of her resorting to which, has been so widely chronicled,
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daughter of R )gcr de Quinci, second Earl of Winchester
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by practice and research, possessed of wide knowledge of neurological
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Although the constitutional treatment is always the main consideration,
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frequently used by, the students and practitioners of homce^
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characterized by a vertebral column, owes its characteristic
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year, which institution Dr. Markoe had himself opened in December,
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1894; "Operative Treatment of Diseases of the Gill-
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underlying disease of the spinal cord which gives no definite
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can advocate of the method. The continued insistance
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from the splinters. The length of the bone is not obviously
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teenth, Greatest of Centuries," and "The Century of Columbus."
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ing the claims of homceopaihy in many ways to public
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and, further, they are well aware that the restoring of normal
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Sanguinaria is put down as especially useful in climateric dis-
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8 to 10 centimetres. The articulation must be thoroughly
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May, 1889. At the latter date, at the request of Governor Hill, he
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Skene, his direct descendant, leading the charges at the
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method being to remove the eniirc uterus, closing the
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piration very irregular and difficult ; eyes turned to the left, and
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object of promoting what seems to him his patient's good; just
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three-year course which resulted in his graduating at the head of
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thought had been definitively condemned, for it undoubtedly
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bodies (shrapnel bullets and fragments of shell), of rapid
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in bed for a week after the pain has ceased. Getting up too early will very
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treatment, he gives the formulae of several local applications,
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April I J, 4-6 A.M. — Slept in short naps during evening and
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nucleus, but nongranulated protoplasm. These are always present in bone
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our esteemed contemporary, the " Hahnemannian Monthly," ex-
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mechanical, although much feebler than the normal, still persists.
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In the Woman's Medical College she has held the posi-
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at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University.
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introduction of gauze. In the event of the latter being