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and progression of its symptoms, are material points for judgment,
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centration of ionized protein will therefore pass through a maxi-
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child. Children in private families under favorable surroundings have
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destructive proteid metabolism stop short of ammonia,
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frost, and re-appeared in the Spring, and proceeded onwards. It had
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ward upon the extremities ; the breathing becomes easy, and, the diar-
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Urine and Feces: The urine was clear, 1.015-20, acid, no sugar nor albumin,
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irregular feel, and the loss of flesh and pain, the diag-
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ment of vision in one eye or both eyes occurs wlien the tumor either involves
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nephritis, reported by Thayer, the non-coagulable nitrogen varied
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with the glycerin, is absorbed by the columnar cells,
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the fetus, which continued to grow in its new position.
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mented condition. Death occurred from exhaustion on the
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general blood pressure. The active principle is eliminated
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therapeutic agent taken up intelligently by educated
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tions of tannin, nitrate of silver, alum, sulphate of zinc, acetate of
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(L.). 20 fx long. Free flagellum 4 /x ; free portion of attached
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The Late Dr. Cruice. — At a special meeting of the
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of the wonderful and ingenious devices of pleasure which
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There are, in consequence of this originality, many things
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attached to the tube H, and a slow stream of carbon dioxide is gradually let
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profess not to be obliged to practice, just as if to practice medicine was disgrace-