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vocalise it ; the victim may loathe the word or dread it, and may attempt

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rapidity of conduction and the power of perception in nerves

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Anguillulidae with small mouth, oesophagus with two dilatations, of which

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Eobinson, however, who have examined a great number of cases,

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powerful transverse fibers forming a complete sphincter,

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occurred, so that this year is likely to prove an ex-

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gave a roar, which made the majority of the spectators beat

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deposit of lime-salts which formed regularly upon the metal tubes,

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of the vital poivers of women in nerve-taxing occupations.

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Military record, U. S. Army, 2 years; U. S. Navy, 74-

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ambulances of the corps, and behind those the war hospitals.

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ing vacancies. Persons desiring to present themselves for ex-

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Examination for Life Assurance. Will be found useful by those

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it must of necessity be presumed that such an unusual accumulation

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stomach and the gastro-hepatic omentum (relics, no doubt, of

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though they be in many respects, are anything more than seconduy phe-

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only difference being, that by Dr. Allen's method, abduction is

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that there is an immediate and direct connection between the

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drive and manasre their own teams, to refrain from the use of

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symptoms. The patients suddenly experience a peculiar pain in the

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M6d. mod., Par., 1897, viii, 819.— Rate (R. A.) The rational

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tsVt) but the incidence of " returns " ujion susceptibles was sensibly constant.

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kits, a greater use of the outpatient determination of theoph-

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angina pectoris. Some, like Eomberg, have regarded it as a neuralgia of

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tion. It is urged that one of us was present at a general

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found that from the year 1839, the first year of our present national