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a fomplete qualification entitling the holder to registratio^n.

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Buxton, London ; Dr. E. G. Barnes, Eye ; J. L, Banks, M.B., Aberdare ;

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the overcrowded consulting room of the public hospital ;" (3) the ad-

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H. Brown. Mason College. Birmingham; P. Evans, M.R.C.S.,

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District of Crompton, rice J. lieldiug Howard, M.D.. deceased.

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December 29th, 1892. The father of Mrs, K, came to-day,

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local changes as demonstrated by an operation (see Case i).

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numerous affairs during the Oudh campaign fmedal with clasp); and in

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cations to the Chairman of the Medical Board by June lith.

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ing degeneration in the crossed pyramidal tract of the cervical re-

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ment. His father and one of his brothers died of diabetes, and an aunt of his,

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Gubler, of Paris, and others, that to their diet of bread and

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conditions in vivo by surgeons who have operated on them

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Case six. ^Housemaid, aged 18, ill for some months.

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in the medical relief grant." The following authorities may be con-

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tissue appeared around the nodule (a granuloma), and that

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a result so favourable that I fancy the reader will ask for a

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notes of various cases that had been under his care.

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Hanover Square, by the Rev. \V. E. B. Barter, F. W. Burton-Fanning,

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and perhaps constipated. An attack of griping pain would

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our knowledge of tuberculosis, which is known to be an

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Nowhere is this better seen than in India. But those who give theiji-

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case which was under my care some years ago, and in which

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in the right direction, but it appears to be defective,

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One of the great problems in the study of chlorosis is to

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ring, adherent to the upper end. The pared ends were