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TRANSACTIONS OF BRANCHES. [British Medical Journal.


Mare-h .'il, HKKi. ()pe'ratie)n. Etlu'r. Amputatiem just

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before her death, she had had this bottle (an eight-

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1,337, acute lung diseases 243, consumption 243, scarlet fever

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within a short time of fever accompanied by abscess

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advertisement, or something of the kind, and never real-

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The distal fragment of the e.xten.sor longus pollicis tendon

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the community at large, than all the decisions of all

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a well-appointed hospital and Caesarian section per-

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sions : That the instructors of nurses should be paid ;

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about. Appetite good, sleeps well, no cough nor pain at

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tance can be seen easily when we learn that, in the

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To begin with, we have the statement tliat in " Early

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fracture of the ribs In the type of case illustrated by

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irritation, as in irrigation of the posterior urethra

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sutures, the latter were removed on the fourth day,

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strains of paratyphoid bacilli was test. The results are

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he said, — "see what actually takes place in disease

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R. H. MiCHELS, assistant surgeon. Detached from the

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the sickness, as well as the choleraic discharges from

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discussion, though a case recently nsported '' s(!eniH

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lidering stones in the gall bladder as uncomplicated,

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deal of the improvement in mortality w^as without a

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conditions in Taylor's Manual, but in these eponymic

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the dangers of the impure article and the feasibility

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icts, which are purely chemical, it would seem that

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as to permit of such extension as the growth of the

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woik l»(;iiig don(.' by the health authorities h<Me. Kven

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