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Picrotoxin, i/ioo to 1/50 of a grain, and agaracin.
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a mixed infection with malaria, and for the control of
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as well as in unctions of cod liver oil were given to the
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were under one j'ear of age. The total deaths from all
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After spinal injections of cocaine persistent cephal-
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thousand of population, as compared with a rate of 13.5
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Second child, born two weeks over time, weight at birth
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(irug and alcohol addictions, the majority of which .
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Monday, September 5th, Lieutenant William H. Thearle,
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Dr. James A. MacLeod ; secretary. Dr. James H. Lewis.
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visit was paid to the Newark Custodial Asylum for Feeble
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cilli. He then reports a case in which an attack of
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pital, Dublin, Ireland, for the past six months, has re-
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cuss the subject of tuberculosis is not infrequently
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if the ether is but gradually increased and a little
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superficial parts. On section the latter were firm and of
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eign bodies, lithotripsy, puncture, suprapubic sec-
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fastly maintained, down to the end of his life, that
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er's Archiv, Ixxii, p. 635. Ref. Deutsche inedizinischc
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the patient must be speedily cured in order to save
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gait; hypotonic legs; knee and ankle jerks absent. Anaes-
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(b) affections of the vagina and cervix, as atresia
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my became susceptible of the same success which at-
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was said by the patient to have been present for over a
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treatment of the faucial tonsil is just at present, I