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or size of the stone, it is warrantable to employ lithotritic instruments

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hypertrophied but the bones do not appear to be insofar as can be deter-

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tumour. A symptom upon which M. Cruveilhier lays a good deal of stress is

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The heart contained fluid blood, but it was of the natural size and

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early illnesses, and chronic cough are suggestive of bronchiectasis.

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cold climate, and kept in a state of confinement for a long time, and hence it is

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in the course of the disease. They were mentioned by fifty-eight

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nature of the opening, and may be held in its place by wires passed around

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and extending down the median line of the neck to the top of the sternum. The

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and Denis was 5.5 mg. This was found in the blood of my patient

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fiable for him to leave the clinic and occupy a non-clinical post.

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years filfed the obstetric chair in the University of Pennsylvania, with the high-

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tlie Theory and Practice of Physic, and on Medical Jurisprudence and

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" Of the causes which aggravate the fevers of cities, I think no impartial per-

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sciences, as a whole, pertain to a field other than that which the

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3. Is there any way of elevating the pressure after it is once depressed?

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patient complained bitterly of pains in the ankles, wrists, and in the shafts

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system, and we should be inclined to subdivide that system to a much

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which follows the section of the edges, is readily checked by causing the

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sound, and the cervix uteri was filled with a gelatinous substance, as is usual in

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the body. Its importance in anemias and in all cases where excessive

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local lesion tends to be larger, and to contain many pus cells, and

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perceptible. The patient died on the fourth day after admission, the limb hav-

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ed to displace a liquid. Speech was almost extinct; the deglutition of fluids pain-

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the production of the convulsive phenomena of hysteria, has been

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lowed by a temporary improvement in the patient's condition. Before

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3. 21 per cent, of the 1208 glands studied were either regener-

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to the hilum of the spleen. The spleen formed a flaccid sac seven inches in

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were present in the blood, the lung lesion did not extend. On the

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exist largely, not as transitions to something better and more