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of; and, on examination, there was no hardness, tenderness, or other
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Case XI. — Rheumatic Myositis. — Mrs. K., 65 years of age ; very stout,
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In applying this last movement the muscles may be operated upon
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ear, and it is upon this that the choice of treatment to be adopted depends.
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Etiology. — Discussion as to the proximate cause of typhoid fever has
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epigastrium, and shaking from side to side, gradually carrying his strokes down-
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Pathology. — When death has been caused by corrosive sublimate there is
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Death has been caused by sprinkling an open sore with morphine.
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fifty-five consecutive cases so treated. Its effect is probably a mechanical
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Boyer has died. He is succeeded, as a aorgeon, by his son, whoocciipies his father's late resfdenee
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patient not suffering from typhoid — and even by the serum of a healthy
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expressions of satisfaction manifested by the gentlemen who have attend-
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Tests. — Stannic salts give a yellow, and stannous salts a brown,
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tion. By the communications and terminations of this latter it may
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tributable to his professional success. At an early period of his career,
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pigment associated with hsematoporphyrin, an iron - free derivative of
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to await the arrival of such other aid as the gentleman might summon.
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rily aflects, at the same time, the nerves of the heart. Hence, f^U"
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the auditory nerve. Of the latter bromide of potassium is a good type, but
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numbers of tlus preceding month, stitched in a cover. J. V. C. SMITH, M.D. Editor.— Price t3 00 a
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simpler and safer proceeding, which satisfactorily fulfils the indication in a
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sibility weakened, which it will recover again completely, in the ab-
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possible to disentangle the various influences at work, and we are really
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but as there are many kinds of micro-organisms in the mouth, and also in decayed
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ceased. He found many opponents to his ideas, which were rejected.
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of intense distress, a sense of great exhaustion, oedema of the glottis, and
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ment varies — down, up, in, or out — it is called palmar, dorsal, ulnar, or radial
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ight and epiphora inconsiderable ; slight haziness of the entire cornea ;
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Poyen is said to be in Hingham, lecturing on animal magnetism. — The
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ifl daily felt in the management of the insane. Vermont is principally
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acute inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eyeball and lids, with pain
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stomach and intestinal tract, owing to the numerous microbes and their products
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running from behind forwards. When a vulcanite denture is made a wax
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Cokhicum in Scarlatina, — Mr. Tait, of Edinburgh, has lately been
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closed, but in both cases the heels must be touching. The lifting and sinking