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Pigment of Malarial Parasites. — It should be mentioned here that

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be prudent to assist the process by the avoidance of every cause

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cheeks, the dryness and acrid heat of the surface, the flaccid and

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Augelo Sissa, M.D., University of Genoa. Italy, of Hart-

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The cases of meningitis offered an excellent opportunity to study

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Section of the Cervical Spinal Cord, ghoucing a smali dot in

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carbohydrates that are usually attacked by this organism, while

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parasites of a slightly larger growth, attached in a similar manner to a surface

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legated to your Committees. Your reporter, therefore, apprehends

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fluid continue to increase in number at approximately the same rate

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that cultures of Bacillus avisepticus are exceedingly toxic for dogs but

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it — in one instance a degree of excitement was induced by it, on

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written on the 21si of the 12th month, (December) 1846, he remarks:

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tensive inquiry, and upon the observations detailed by several of the

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variable, and there were four cloudy days. On four days it rained

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re-vaccination of children with new virus in 1640, published in the

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remove the agglutinins present for Type I, and the same result is