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ness, loss of strength and vigor, or muscular debility, despondency,
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forward under the base of the brain, where a great opening, the
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chilly sensations, colicky pain in the bowels and diarrhoea. Vomiting
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The vomited matter is composed chiefly of mucous and bile. On
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aft'ected the patients experience difficulty in movement, they complain
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urinary water; they doubtless lost to some degree the functions that they
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zone will lead to the deposition of fat, perhaps in considerable
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into two parts, the first being devoted to a consideration of primary
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prickly heat, and requires similar treatment, viz.: a light, bland diet,
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November 4tli, 1878 : Skin hot ; exi)ressiou anxious ; tongue furred ;
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character. In like manner the milder forms of hysteria, nervousness,
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