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mens it should be 1018 or over. The total nitrogen should

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repeated this experiment with distilled water, and then adopted pre-

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+ Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for

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gonist to the active efforts of vomiting, not an agent assisting or

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has published a large series of oases illustrative of the value of ophthal-

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the two-point test it was found necessary to spread the points

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whom the echinococci attain so great a development. I have,

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influence upon the soul, and being thereby made a better being. Though it may

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of the body bears to the thjrroid, and from their similarity of

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Of the necessity of a sufficiency of pure water, many ancient as well as our

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violent choreic jactitations, first of the right arm, which was thrown upwards

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of man or woman has found its counterpart — its own attracting magnet — and is

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did not think of an inhaling tube for the mouth or nose of a man; if He had, it is

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aorta probably considerably antedates the symptoms. The

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ing were worthy of note. In case 19, the first symptoms were

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string or the eye. without being more wise as to the state of internal diseases, than

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colic has been recommended by M. Lutz, and Dr. Margueritte has

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Antibacterin (an-te-bak'ter-in). A pale-yellow liquid used in tuber-

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influence the estranged party to prescribe himself or herself as an antidote (as 1 have

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it is possible that the condition may improve with months or

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OxYPHENACETiN (oks"e-fen-as'et-in). A salt occurring as shining leaf-

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eart, and thymus gland. Lungs congested with dark fluid blood ;

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throat and lungs will not boar the irritation of dust, or of chemical fumes, or of

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ration have become established, Dr. Sigmund regards as useless,

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cult and painful, and a propensity for coughing. Commonly the paroxysms will

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contraction of the coronary arteries, &c.^^Archive8 OiiUralee de

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who, however, confined himself to the injuries of the eyeball,

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A blood-count, as emphasized before, may be normal or

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RxY. II. — Essai sur la Pellagre observe k Corfou. Par C. PxirxKDXBiB

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tubules, it is accounted for in the former by the adventitious

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uncle residing among the Oneidas, located a little west of Dtica, in New York

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If a low forceps application can be done it should be promptly

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women are distinguished from the matrons by having their drawers made of needle-

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apex is loud and sharp and there is heard there a short rough

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published show considerable variation depending largely upon

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did is quite large before birth, but diminishes in size at birth, when di-

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for it is these that make the strongest impression upon the mind, and through that

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search for the presence of a new growth, especially in the ab-

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on the cinchona alkaloids, and is contuned in the bark, especiallj

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