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matism and the infectious diseases are cited as having a more or less direct

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horizontal or even upright position, may be retained a consider-

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predisposed. Recently attention has been called to auto-intoxication

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restlessness, irritability, anorexia, itching of and picking at the nose,

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also, suffocative symptoms coming on, especially at night, in a child

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Loiver-segment or Loiver-system Diseases. — This includes the periph-

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be gained in this direction by distracting the patient's attention. I

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carpin) sometimes assists in the absorption of the exudate, but it should

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Symptoms. — The nervous, circulatory, respiratory, integumentary,

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It is generally believed that the retjuisite conditions for the formation

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tion has or has not been established between the peritoneal cavity and

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degree of active physical exertion is positive and vital. Shortness of

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young women have prolapsus without needing surgical interfer-

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bronchi has been noted. The cancerous ulcer may also perforate the

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invariably an occasional slow oozing of blood into the stomach. It is

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of all four extremities and of the trunk. In the most severe cases cere-

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hypertrophica disturbance of sensation, pain, and trophic lesions occur ;

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By removal of the cervix, we weaken the pelvic floor, shorten

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adhesions about the pylorus may also act as causes of dilatation.

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Recovery from neuritis may be perfect ; at all events, it does not

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Sarcoptes scabiei hominis is a variety of the preceding that infests