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stenosis proba])ly never occurs without some insufficiency.

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from the first to the fifth, inclusive. The acquired form is produced by

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of a blow from the centre outward in all directions, dilating or expansile ;

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nature of the ulcer. Perforation of the septum from constant removal of

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or less increase of connective-tissue between the muscular bundles ; and

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sediment, and will show by chemical analysis the iDresence of both albumen

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terior of larynx to be the seat of a diphtheritic exudation, the ventricle being

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we have but few observations ; large quantities of olive oil in one case,

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of the epilepsy will in some instances distinguish it from acute uraemia,

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while (liirinn: llie exacerbation the teinporaturc retains nearly the same

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long time without producing either constipation, pain, or cachexia.

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fully watched, in case of severe wounds, and where there is not a rise

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region, also there may be deflections of the coccyx. If these lesions are

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spasmodic cough. It should be classed among the diseases of children,

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bad omen ; the latter often precedes the occurrence of a severe intestinal

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suppurate. It is maintained by some that a positive diagnosis of syph-

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who are for the first time compelled to witness surgical operations and other

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dark green color, and contains bile pigment. The liver is enlarged and

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spasm of the laryngeal muscles, suffocation seems imminent ; in the inter-

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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis may be made in the following manner:

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sation are marked, the changes in the viscera already referred to quickly

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of the inflammation and the amount of the effusion ; if the inflammation

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large numbers, hence wounds in these regions are much more liable to

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In abscess of the Appendix, the appendix may W removed and the

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They should be tried, however. Nitrite of amyl is not so successful as its

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First. They should never be administered indiscriminately— that is,

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of tobacco, anesthetics, etc., have been used. So far there seems to be

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